In December, 2005, The Colorado Trust granted WONDERbabies (Ways of Nurturing Development through Enhancing Relationships) a Partnerships for Health award to focus on systems of care for babies and young children with special health care needs and their families. Please see the press release for more details about the Partnerships for Health Initiative by The Colorado Trust. To see a list of the Founding Partners, please click here.

WONDERpartners include state departments, parent advocacy groups, research programs, local community organizations, Latino networking organizations, mental health agencies and hospitals, with representation from around the State. See below for information about our current Partners and links to Partner websites. Partners engaged in a six month strategic planning process where they completed an environmental scan of the population to be serviced and created goals, objectives and indicators of success. Through this strategic planning process, Partners developed the WONDERbabies mission and vision statements, our guiding principles, and the direction for our implementation plan.

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