These 2-page reference sheets for parents from The Blueprint for Educational Change outline what to expect from your child’s development at different early developmental stages.
English Espanol
Your Child @ Birth                        Tu Hijo @ Su Nacimiento
Your Child @ 2 Months                Tu Hijo @ 2 Meses
Your Child @ 4 to 6 Months        Tu Hijo @ 4 a 6 Meses
Your Child @ 6 to 9 Months        Tu Hijo @ 6 a 9 Meses
Your Child @ 9 to 12 Months      Tu Hijo @ 9 a 12 Meses
Your Child @ 12 to 18 Months    Tu Hijo @ 12 a 18 Meses
Your Child @ 18 to 24 Months    Tu Hijo @ 18 a 24 Meses
Your Child @ 24 to 36 Months    Tu Hijo @ 24 a 36 Meses
Your Child @ 3 Years                    Tu Hijo @ 3 Anos
Your Child @ 4 Years                    Tu Hijo @ 4 Anos
Your Child @ 5 Years                    Tu Hijo @ 5 Anos

Zero to Three
The Zero to Three website has information for parents on infant and child brain development and child development.

Health Care Program for Children with Special Needs
This part of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment website will direct you to clinics that will evaluate your child if you have concerns about your child’s growth and development.

Healthy Steps for Young Children
This national initiative focuses on the importance of the first three years of life and emphasizes a close relationship between health care professionals and parents in regard to the child’s development. Click on “For Parents” and then “Child Health and Development” for information on development.