Bilingual Resources

Multilingual Living is a blog about raising bilingual children, with texts submitted by readers. There are many useful ideas and recommendations of textbooks, reading materials, and more. For example, there is an idea by one reader about making up stories while listening to music in the car.

The Spanglish Baby is a website about raising bilingual children in Spanish and English. It is full of useful information. For example, a recent post by Monica Olivera Hazelton shared ways she is passing on her Latino heritage to her children, teaching them Spanish, and the method she is using to incorporate biligual and bicultural children’s literature into their routine, describing preferences and materials.

Grupo VIDA is a family support network for Latino families who have a child or other family member with a disability. Our mission is to empower individuals with disabilities and their families with information and training that will support them to be their own best advocate and to collaborate with communities to facilitate natural connections for individuals with disabilities and their families. Hablamos Espanol!!!