FIRST Steps for BABIES© Training: Learn foundational elements of newborn and young infant development using the BABIES and PreSTEPS Model®

The FIRST Steps for BABIES ©  two-day foundational training provides both a framework for interdisciplinary early intervention and health care professionals to learn about the foundations of newborn and young infant development through the BABIES approach.   Additionally, they will learn about the progression of the caregiver-infant relationship as the infant develops using the PreSTEPS approach. These foundational aspects of development yield expertise in support of newborns and young infants with health care needs, developmental disabilities and with those babies who have been deemed categorically eligible for Part C services. This training focuses on evidence-based approaches to assessment and intervention for an infant’s development of:

Body function

Arousal and sleep

Body movement

Interaction with others



Support for families focus on the evidence based best practices of:

Predictability and continuity

Sleep and arousal organization

Timing and pacing

Environmental modifications

Positioning and handling

Soothing supports

Join the BABIES and PreSTEPS Learning Collaborative!

The BABIES and PreSTEPS Learning Collaborative builds from the initial FIRST Steps for BABIES © two-day foundational training and is for a small, select group of interdisciplinary professionals. The Learning Collaborative meets monthly for one year after the foundational training. These meetings are designed to provide in depth training, mentoring and reflective consultation for early intervention and public health providers. The Learning Collaborative includes in-depth application of the BABIES and PreSTEPS models, the Newborn and Young Infant IFSP, and systems-building information through manualized approaches, case studies and guided application to the professional’s own case load.

Upon completion of the program, providers will be prepared to provide a spectrum of services including identifying, assessing, coordinating services and providing developmental supports for newborns and young infants with special health care and developmental needs and their families as they transition from the hospital to their home.

Providers Who Complete The Program Will Bring Assets to Your Agency

• Participants will be better prepared to competently

   and effectively address the special developmental

   needs of newborns, young infants and their families.

• Your agency will have a highly specialized, well-

   trained interdisciplinary group of professionals who

   can address the needs of newborns and young infants

• Your specially-trained group of professionals will

   provide leadership regarding the needs of high risk

   newborns and their families across your community.

Babies and young children grow best when their parents, other family members, and people who take care of them love them completely. Those of you who have babies and young children with special needs or who take care of them can find here information about resources in your community, child development, and services for young children.

Providers working with babies and young children with special health care and developmental needs span many disciplines. Providers may work with babies and their families in medical settings, homes, community agencies, or indirectly through agencies and organizations.

Our Mission & Vision

To build, enhance, link and sustain an integrated system among those with vested interest in babies and young children with special health care and developmental needs so that they and their families thrive.